Under dresser. That’s a term I just learned. What does it mean? Perhaps everyone reading this knows. But for those who don’t, it means people, guys, who like to wear women’s clothing under their big boy clothes. I guess that’s exactly what I am: an underdesser

See, I like being a guy. I like my guy parts. But I also like wearing sensuous fabrics next to my skin. I have absolutely no desire to “pass,” thank you very much.

So I have yet another label to add to my list. Let’s see…so far, we have Bi-Sexual, transvestite, occasional DL, transvestite, crossdresser, fetishist…and now? Underdresser.

Most guys underdress because they know they’ll never be able to pass. That assumes that all TVs want to pass. Gee. I don’t. In fact, a large part of my excitement comes from the fact that I’m wearing nylons and panties under my boy clothes. And when I’ve been “caught,” (and trust me; if you dress every day like me, you’re going to get caught at least once. Mostly by strangers. Like if you bend over and your panties show. That type of occurrence.) that’s been a huge turn on. While I don’t deliberately show, I don’t mind it if I do.

So, let me sum up. I do not want to be a girl. Sure, I like women’s clothing, specifically lingerie that’s nylon or silky. I also love nylons or pantyhose. I sometimes wear a cotton women’s blouse. The only noticeable difference being the buttons on the other side. Most times I wear colored nail polish on two fingers of my left hand. I wear makeup to conceal blemishes. Foundation, too. And if I’m going to a concert or something, I’ll wear eyeliner. Sometimes I’ll wear mascara during the day to bring out the blue of my eyes. Also, I like a little bit of lipgloss to moisturize my lips.

Wow! …what the hell AM I?

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