The Best-Feeling Menswear Of All-Time

I know, I’ve made it perfectly clear about wearing nylon clothes. Well…actually any clothes that are slippery, silky, satin-y, and shiny. A lot of them now are made of polyester. That doesn’t matter one whit. 

My Nylon Obsession takes me to many places. Okay…websites. I’ve come across some pretty cool pants. But after trying out a ton of clothing that fulfills my obsession; I can honestly say that Under Armour gear is the best. 

Their T-shirts come in crew or v-neck, and they’re not cheap. Generally, a man’s undershirt will cost you about $20.00! But it’s totally worth it. Before you put it on, you’ll notice the fabric. It’s almost like liquid. If you fold them, as I do, it’s quite difficult to keep them that way. They’re so slippery they’ll slip right out of your hands. So, how do they feel when worn? Come on. I don’t even need to answer that. It is, undisputed, the sexiest, slickest fabric you can wear. If you wear just the t-shirt with a pair of jeans or whatever, it’s as close to public cross-dressing as a guy can get. 

Under Armour also makes a button-down long sleeve Oxford. It’s truly amazing. It feels awesome, especially when worn over an UA undershirt. And the fabric resists staining, so you can wear it again and again without it smelling bad or wrinkling. Then, when you do need to wash it; wash with cold water and like-colors. Then air dry it for about 20 minutes. Hang it up and let it completely dry. There. It’s all ready to go. 

They have chinos and (my personal favorite) slim-fitting tapered leg cargo pants. Now you’re entire body is covered in UA’s silky nylon-esque “gear.” You’ll feel like your cross-dressing in public. And, passing, might I add! 

I know Under Armour is extremely popular. That leads to my belief that a lot of men/boys are into wearing feminine clothing. They may not know it, but I think they’re mostly latent cross-dressers.

If you have a silk/satin/nylon obsession, as far as menswear is concerned? I defy you to prove this statement incorrect:
 There’s nothing better at feeding The Nylon Obsession.
[Under Armour isn’t paying me a dime to advertise their products. Frankly, my love for them comes from a more “feminine guy” perspective. I’m afraid UA would be slightly embarrassed by my attraction.]

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