91E4EBE7-7284-41BA-9D3D-A09413396FF5The reason I put the title in quotes is because this is what I see if I google “guys wearing pantyhose.”

Even websites devoted to selling pantyhose for men always have some kind of post or blog with a title like this. It’s infuriating.

I guess it’s always been the case. Guys care about what others, namely girls, think about what guys choose to wear in public.

But… don’t guys get to a point where they simply don’t care what women, or anyone else, care about their clothing? Or for that matter, how they look in general.

Yesterday, I really was in a ‘pantyhose’ mood. I haven’t been wearing hose as much as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. Readers of this blog know my love of pantyhose. I love everything about them. And, as I’ve said, no thigh-high stockings for me. I don’t like garter belts, and pantyhose go up over my ‘parts’ and I pull them up my waist. The compression feels wonderful, and obviously has a slimming effect on my stomach. Not that I need that, am I right?

Usually, the hose I wear is made up of around 85% nylon and 15% Lycra or spandex. For a while, I was plunking down $20 for a pair of nylons ‘made for men.’ I eventually realized that Hanes or L’eggs were exactly the same. I mean, exactly the same. No, they didn’t have the same packaging with a dude on the cover, but they felt and looked exactly the same. And, ‘women’s’ hose is available around the corner at any CVS, or other drug stores.

So, yesterday I put on my panties (Yes. Every day I wear them), then my pantyhose. Then… I made a decision I don’t usually make, though yesterday wasn’t the first time by any means.

What was the decision, you ask? The next thing I grabbed to put on was a black nylon pair of Nike shorts. Yup. That’s right. SHORTS. I put on a pair of white ankle socks and my Stan Smith sneakers (Ugh. I hate calling them ‘sneakers.’ I call them ‘gym shoes.’ But, people seem to call them sneakers, so I guess I will, too.)

Then, I went out. Gasp! In public! A guy wearing tan pantyhose, shaved smooth legs, and shorts! Oh my goodness! Everyone could see my nylon-covered legs! And… They felt great. There’s something about pantyhose and feeling the breeze on my legs that just tingles, and feels awesome. AND looks great.

I must admit though, that nervousness? Guess what. It wasn’t there at all! Sure, I looked surreptitiously at passing people’s expressions. And you know what happened? Not a goddamn thing. Not one person stared or gave a smirk. I find it hard to believe absolutely NO ONE noticed.

People have their own lives. They couldn’t care less what some dude is wearing on his legs. Personally, because I keep my legs smooth, I thought my legs looked great. They certainly felt great. I do think it’s important for any male pantyhose wearer to shave their legs. Otherwise, your legs in pantyhose look like Willie Nelson robbing a bank.

I guess what I’m trying to say…my point…is that any website that sells nylons to men has this article “Can Men Wear Legging?” (Naturally, they’re never going to call them ‘pantyhose.’)

So why do they feel they have to justify their product? Why should any man, straight, gay, married or single, give a toss what others think? Why can’t that article contain ‘If you’re a dude, and you want to wear pantyhose, go ahead and wear them. With whatever clothing you want. You want to wear them with a skirt? More power to you. Don’t worry too much about others’ opinions. Life is too short. You go ahead and wear whatever you want. You’re hurting absolutely NO ONE!”

I’ll tell you, that sure would be a welcome addition to ANY clothing website.

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